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Video chat roulette daily has more than half a million users from Russia and CIS countries. But not only this makes it the most popular Russian-language chatroulette.

Video chat roulette provides unique opportunities for communication, which you will not find on any other chat roulette. Do you want to make sure of this?

Чат рулетка — простой и удобный видеочат

Chat Roulette-it's easy

You click "start" - and chatroulette selects a companion for you. And it does it instantly, you don't even need to register. And most importantly-no subscription fee, come and chat for free! Simplicity and convenience-this is the main motto and secret of the popularity of chat roulette.

Видеочат Чат рулетка — для случайных знакомств

A casual acquaintance? No problems with video chat!

Even just talking to a stranger on the street is not an easy task for many. What can we say about the acquaintance. Girls are afraid to seem intrusive, guys are stopped by the probability of rejection. Try to guess whether the person is ready to communicate with you. Of course, you can surrender to your shyness, admit defeat, and surrender to the fear of "shame" in front of everyone. You can also dream of getting to know each other by yourself. Where to go, how to solve this problem?

Social media is for those who are already familiar. Chatroulette is the right answer. You don't need to worry: the person you meet in the video chat is ready to communicate. There is nothing to do-say "Hello".

Познакомиться в видеочате? Легко!

Meet and say goodbye easily

Brought to a spectacular appearance, LivetoLives and the interlocutor turned out to be an uninteresting bore? How many times on a first date, after talking to a person for a while, did you want to turn around and run away? But the rules of politeness forced to continue boring communication, overcoming yawning and irritation.

In chatroulette, to solve this problem, just click the "Next" button, and the video chat will switch you to a new interlocutor. Leave in English, communicate only with those people with whom you are interested!

Чатрулетка с видео чатом

Webcam — another plus

Communication and dating have become easier with the advent of the Internet. But dating sites and text chats don't let you get to know a person as well as face-to-face video chat. Why rub your fingers on the keyboard when you can hear and see the other person? And to understand a person only by letters and emoticons from a faceless nickname is not so easy. They are not a substitute for live communication.

Again, you can put someone else's photo on the avatar-many scammers do this. In chat roulette, you can't cheat like that-you see and hear the interlocutor in real time. It is much more convenient to make new acquaintances with the help of a webcam!

Чат рулетка — анонимно и безопасно

Away with boredom and loneliness!

Everyone has moments when there is not enough communication. Something you can easily share with a random travel companion, you just don't want to talk to your friends and family. Chatroulette is an inexhaustible source of such "random fellow travelers" - people about whom you know nothing and who do not know you. So there's nothing to be afraid of. Video chat is anonymous, no one can learn more about you than you want to share.

Встречи в Чат рулетке — легко и весело

In chat roulette you will find everything from fun, unobtrusive communication on non-serious topics to sincere conversations "heart to heart".

Laugh and talk about your favorite TV show? Take it easy! Meet the love of your life? Try it, but what if you're LUCKY;)